our mission

Dedicated to Serving You

Pacific Health supports individuals and organizations to achieve healthier communities.

We will effectively benefit communities and enhance the lives of their citizens by:

Improving access and affordability of healthcare services

Preventing and reducing acute and chronic diseases

Increasing opportunities for mental and physical activity

Supporting financially distressed hospitals

Our History

Extending True Care
Across Communities

In February 1987, Pacific Health Education Center was founded by a group of like minded visionaries, whose common interest was the health and well-being of the community. Soon PHEC began implementing community health programs in the Bakersfield area, as well as providing crucial training classes for students worldwide.  

Most recently, PHEC—now PHSI — has embarked on a mission to establish a sustainable community health education platform that will remain in operation well into the future.  Furthermore, PHSI is collaborating with professionals in the healthcare field throughout the country in an initiative to return to its founding mission and operate acute care hospitals.

our ministry

A Passion for Improving
Brain-Body Health

Senior woman opens door to male charity worker doing survey

Engaging with Communities

PHSI identifies stakeholders in their communities and work with them to understand their needs, interests, concerns, and cultures.

Connecting with People

PHSI provides opportunities to meet Stakeholders within the communities for 1-to-1 conversations.
Small red heart in woman's hands in a gesture of giving, protecting

Evidence Compassion

PSHI responds to stakeholders with sincerity, empathy, and compassion.
Young multi-cultural group of people holding hands during therapy session

Promote Friendships

PHSI strives to develop trustworthy relationships in the community.

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