Arlene R. Taylor, PhD

Taylor, a brain function specialist, author, and international speaker, has spoken to thousands of people at conferences internationally. She specializes in simplifying the complex topic of brain function, with the goal of helping people learn to thrive by design.

A recipient of the American Medal of Honor for Brain Function Education (#20 of 100) from the American Biographical Institute Inc (2001), Taylor holds two earned
doctorates. In 1989, Loma Linda University Nursing Alumni Association selected her alumna of the year. She has life membership in the National Registry of Who’s Who, 2000 Edition and is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA).

Taylor is Founder & President of Realizations Inc—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized in 1993—that engages in brain function research and provides related educational brain-health resources.

Professional History


hospitalization program) – nurse epidemiologist, risk manager, compliance officer, and mental health brain function specialist

officer, and mental  health brain function consultant 


College and Seminary, 1993, Marshfield, MO

Rafael, CA

Selected Professional Activities

 for men, couples, singles, and seniors.


Selected Recognitions


 Biographical Institute Inc. 

Selected Publications

Taylor has authored or co-authored multiple brain-function and health-related educational  resources—to help others learn to use their brain by design to stay healthier and younger  for longer and to be more successful.

Longevity Lifestyle Matters – How to stay healthier and younger for longer

Other Books

Legends of the Wild Series – Brain and Emotional Intelligence information presented  through animal allegories (in process)

Adventures Series – Sensory Preference, EAI, and Brain function through stories


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