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Adventures of Aimi – Audiobook Download

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Book One in the “Adventures” series is designed to provide information about brain function through stories, including: Sensory Preference; Extroversion, Ambiversion, and Introversion, Emotional Intelligence, and how to recognize and enjoy differences—because every brain is different!

Copyright ©Arlene R. Taylor PhD and Sharlet M. Briggs PhD


Adventures of Stella – Audiobook Download

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Book Two in the “Adventures” series is designed to provide brain-function information through stories including: how to deal with disappointments, how to problem solve on a camping trip, adopting a dog,and about childhood experiences in differing environments.

Copyright ©Arlene R. Taylor PhD and Sharlet M. Briggs PhD


Adventures of the Longevity Mystery Club – Audiobook Download

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Book Four in the “Adventures” series (also part Longevity Lifestyle Matters) provides brain-function information through stories about the children’s many summer adventures and how they can be both happier and healthier—and have fun doing it!

Copyright ©Arlene R. Taylor PhD and Sharlet M. Briggs PhD

Age Proofing Your Brain – Audiobook Download


Scientists agree that preventing brain deficits will always be easier than restoring them. Studies have shown that more than half the factors that have been found to impact aging and the brain are within your partial if not complete control. That is good news! Even if you cannot do everything, you can do something; and what you do can impact your life in a myriad of empowering ways. This book lists 21 key factors.

Copyright ©Arlene R. Taylor PhD and Sharlet M. Briggs PhD

Just the Fact – Audiobook Download


Nature + Nurture = You. Nature involves genetics, contributing about 30% to wellness and lifespan. Nurture involves your total internal and external environments beginning with gestation—including your lifestyle choices that start in the brain—and impact about 70% of your level of health and longevity. This book focuses on epigenetics because epigenetics can trump genetics!

Copyright © 2019, Arlene R. Taylor PhD, with Steve Horton M.Div., MPH

Longevity Lifestyle Matters – Audiobook Download


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Your Brain Has a Bent (Not a Dent!) 3rd Edition – Audiobook Download


Ever wondered why some things are so easy for your brain while you struggle with others? Or the reason you seem to be on the same “wave length” with some and on a different planet from others? Current brain-function research is providing answers to these and other questions. Now you can “use your brain by design” to be more successful and to manage your energy expnenditures more effectively. Such a deal! Learn how to use your brain by design