Steve Horton, M.Div., MPH

Steve Horton is enthusiastic about health and wellness, believing that a Longevity Lifestyle is not only possible but also can be effective and enjoyable. Even fun. His goal is to provide educational resources in a stimulating, easy-to understand, and practical-to-apply format. When implemented as part of a life-time commitment, the information and strategies can help people in the community become more aware of simple lifestyle changes they can make to benefit their overall
health, avoid preventable diseases, and reduce symptoms associated with chronic illnesses to the extent possible.


 programs. Oversees multiple real estate holdings. Directs business activities and manages investments. Sponsors and or coordinates educational endeavors in Cuba, India, and The Philippines

Professional Activities

the PHSI Pantry.

and facilitating volunteer committee for  development and implementation of ministries in the areas of Family Life, Prison  Ministries, Disaster Relief, Hope for Humanity, Inner City/Community Service, Health,  Church Leader/Officer, 1976 to the present.  

Seminars & Conferences

 for men, couples, singles, and seniors.



Life Hope Centers

Developed and implemented Life Hope Centers, training personnel in central and  northern California. This involved training hundreds of individuals in how to assess  community needs and develop programs to address those needs, including health care  clinics that provide:

Humanitarian Endeavors

Sponsors and leads trips nationally and internationally to provide humanitarian services. Oversees the presentation of annual seminars in central California that include:

Publications, Books

Steve is part of the Longevity Lifestyle Matters Team and contributed to the following  LLM products:

Coordinates the presentation of LLM programs worldwide.

Has authored multiple articles in various publications.


Steve is part of the Longevity Lifestyle Matters Team and contributed to the following  LLM products:

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